Where my “ethical” money is now

So far, I’ve got about 3% of my investible assets invested “ethically”.

It’s not much, and there hasn’t been much thought put into it. We went with a roboadvisor (WealthSimple). They have five criteria that they use for their socially responsible investments: 

  • low carbon
  • cleantech
  • human rights (global stocks with a positive record on human rights and corruption)
  • environment (companies that prioritize environmental and social concerns)
  • government securities (Canadian federal bonds)

This is pretty good for now, but in the future I want to allocate more of my money to individual securities that I can select myself and get behind. I’m not sure that I’ll ever move 100% of my portfolio into my “ethical” funds (just based on how long it takes me to do the research to support this!), so I’ll also be looking for exchange traded funds that are more in line with my values. 

Do any of you take this into consideration in your investments? 

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