Am I FIRE’d or FIRING? Not really.

If you’ve been following along with my posts since I started blogging all the way back in November 2018, you might have noticed something. I don’t have very specific goals. 

I would vaguely define my (our) goals as “financial independence”, but we haven’t really given much thought as to what that really looks like. 

You may have also noticed a post in which I talk about quitting my job…which I did in 2018. But I didn’t retire. I started a consulting business, and I work pretty much full time. (Well, that might be debatable, and the subject of a future post.) 

I was visiting some friends during a work trip in the fall of 2018 when I realized something. I maybe accidentally FIREd? 

You see, over the course of my career in the public sector, I’d managed to accrue a significant pension. When I left that career, I took the transfer value. Basically, this means that I’ve got a substantial nest egg. 

But I still work, still need to work(?), and still want to work. I’m not even really thinking about retiring. I’m still young and have lots to contribute, but most importantly, I enjoy my work. I enjoy it even more now that I can do the bulk of it in my pjs with my dog snoozing next to me. 

So I’m not really FIREd, and I’m not FIRING either. We are looking to make our money work for us as best we can, not spend excessive amounts of money, but still enjoy life. But we also try to keep things simple and are increasingly looking to make our purchases and footprint as ethical as possible. 

That’s my situation in a nutshell. Not FIREd, not retired, and not FIRING. But working less and being more conscious about where that hard earned money goes. 



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