Beyond Meat IPO

I have plans for this blog, let me tell you.

I want to systematically build my knowledge, assess companies, look at different sectors, evaluate “ethical funds” of banks and robo-advisors, and a whole host of other things. But I’m also really excited about one thing that’s happening soon, so I’m going to jump ahead and tell you about it. 

Beyond Meat is going public! 

If you don’t know about Beyond Meat, you’re missing out. 

I know we’ve barely met, but I’ll tell you a little secret (okay, not a secret) about me: I mostly eat a plant-based diet for ethical reasons. This means that I’ve been missing out on those big, juicy burgers at summer BBQs. (This post is making me hungry!) 

I do like most veggie burgers, but let’s be real. They’re not the same thing. But the Beyond Meat burger is insanely good. Even my dog thinks that it smells like meat. (He’s never interested in our food…but was very curious about the Beyond Meat burger, and even licked the serving tray when I wasn’t looking, the naught boy.)

I digress. Beyond Meat is doing an initial public offering of $100 million, and will be listed on the Nasdaq as BYND. 

I’m seriously considering this as the first addition to my ethical investment portfolio. 

I know: I haven’t really established my criteria, my investment principles or plan, or any number of other things that I need to get started. I’m letting myself get carried away by this. But I’m so excited! I really think that this burger is a game-changer for a lot of people. It’s what can convince people to stop eating so much meat (which I’m convinced is unethical, bad for your health, and the environment, but more on that later). 

There are definitely other things to consider. I’d like to know more about the company’s approach to employee welfare, their environmental impact and what they’re doing to mitigate that, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. And I will find answers to those questions. But for now, let’s all be excited that we’ll get to invest (maybe) in this company that can promote real change. 

More information: 

Forbes article on the Beyond Meat IPO 

Beyond Meat website 

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